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morepeas + Mission MightyMe

It’s no secret that our entire team is obsessed with the “Essential Snack Cup” by morepeas. This mighty versatile vessel works as a snack cup, a suction dining bowl, a veggie steamer and a storage container (yes, it really replaces four pieces of tableware!) 

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Here are a few of our favorite fun (and functional) ways to serve our puffs using our morepeas cup. 


PB + Banana Cereal

MightyMes are a plant-based, protein-based “cereal” option that is less mess (and more fun!) when served in a suction cup. 

  1. Scoop your favorite yogurt (or non-dairy option) into your morepeas cup
  2. Sprinkle with Banana and Peanut Butter puffs
  3. Top with sliced fresh bananas
  4. Enjoy!


Nutty Trail Mix

This nutrient-dense trail mix is the perfect way to keep your little one fed on-the-go. Using the lid and tether option, morepeas makes snack time easy and stress-free! 

  1. Mix dried strawberries, Strawberry Peanut Butter puffs, Amara Beets & Berries melts and a cut-up Skout PB&J bar together
  2. Scoop mixture into your morepeas snack cup
  3. Enjoy!


Smoothie Bowl

Smoothies are a great way to get extra veggies and nuts into your little one’s diet. Suction the cup onto your table or pop on the lid with a straw (either way, this nutrient-dense smoothie is a delicious treat!)

  1. Blend together spinach, Square Baby Hazelnut Pumpkin Pie puree, a scoop of Greek yogurt, a spoonful of almond butter, frozen fruit of your choice and a splash of milk (can substitute with a non-dairy option)
  2. Top with Banana Peanut Butter puffs, Amara Carrot & Mango melts and fresh blueberries 
  3. Enjoy!