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The LEAP Study

Regular peanut consumption, starting early in the first year of life, results in an 81% reduction in peanut allergy

Dr. Gideon Lack,
Head of Pediatric Allergy at King’s College
& Mission MightyMe Co-Founder

Our co-founder Dr. Gideon Lack led the Learning Early About Peanut Allergy (LEAP) Study. The findings changed pediatric feeding guidelines around the globe to encourage early and regular consumption of peanut foods, starting in infancy.*


Nutty Puffs for Babies,
Big Kids, and Beyond!

the first and only baby-friendly puffs with
peanut and tree nut protein levels that match the science

Why recommend Mission MightyMe?

1 Backed by Science

The only product developed in accordance with the LEAP and EAT clinical trials by the lead author of those studies.

2 The Only Puffs Made with 5 Nuts

Our Mixed Nut Butter Puffs contain equal parts peanut, hazelnut, almond, cashew and walnut protein, covering all the most important nut allergens.

3 Exact Nut Protein Levels

Peanut Butter Protein Amounts

1 pouch weekly delivers 7 grams peanut protein, which meets the AAP's weekly intake recommendation for high-risk infants.*

Mixed Nut Butter Protein Amounts

2 pouches weekly delivers 10 grams of nut protein (2 grams each of peanut, almond, hazelnut, cashew and walnut).

4 Ages Up

The LEAP Study showed the importance of feeding children peanuts foods until the age of 5, so we developed puffs that dissolve quickly for babies and taste delicious for big kids too!

5 Simple, Clean, Organic Ingredients

A clean-label snack for the whole family. Lower in salt than other peanut puffs, with no palm oil, no corn, and no cane sugar or cane syrup.

6 Convenient

Making it easy and enjoyable to keep nuts in children's diets, with less stress and mess (no mixing, measuring or prep) for busy parents.

7 Quick-Dissolve

A simple way to feed babies nuts
without worrying about choking.

Science Backed Snacks

Dr. Gideon Lack's research (LEAP) led to a revolution in food allergy prevention.

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Help parents easily follow food allergy prevention guidelines with a delicious science-backed snack they can feel
good about.

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