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Little Puff on a Mighty Mission

What families need to know...

icons In the 2 decades since avoiding nuts became the norm for babies, nut allergies have TRIPLED
icons Avoiding nuts is no longer advised for most babies
icons Research shows feeding peanut-containing foods to infants can help prevent peanut allergies from developing by more than 80%
icons Most babies aren’t born with food allergies – there’s a critical window for prevention starting as early as 4-6 months

Peanut Butter Puffs to the Rescue

Our peanut butter puffs contain 7 grams of organic peanut protein in one pouch - perfect for meeting the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines. They’re truly one of the best organic snacks for babies and big kids alike - while serving a purpose!

Leap Study Results “The results of the LEAP study were clear: peanut allergy prevention is possible in the majority of children. I encourage parents to be proactive. Talk with your pediatrician about including peanut protein in your infant’s diet.”

dr. gideon lack

Mission MightyMe Co-Founder & Author of the LEAP study

Health Guidelines

The National Institutes of Health, National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease, American Academy of Pediatrics and others, now recommend introducing peanut-containing foods in infancy to help prevent a peanut allergy from developing.

News Coverage

What the Experts are Saying About Prevention