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Did you know?

Food allergies increased
by 50% and nut allergies have
tripled in the last
two decades since
those foods were
removed from infant diets.

But here’s
the Good News!

Research (led by our co-founder) shows actually including peanut foods in infant diets, early and often, can reduce the risk of peanut allergy by up to 86%.*

The findings changed pediatric feeding guidelines around the globe to encourage early and regular consumption of peanut foods, and other common allergens, starting in infancy.*

Early, Often, Ongoing

As little ones keep growing, ongoing peanut exposure does good for tiny tummies
Starting Solids

Versatile quick-dissolve puffs can be softened with breast milk, water or formula, or crumbled into purees for safe and early nut introduction.


Mess-free, stress-free, nutritious snack that toddlers love to chow down on at home or on-the-go (hello, convenient resealable pouch!).

Big Kids

Endless ways to eat adventurously: mix puffs into smoothies or oatmeal, add to trail mix, serve at snack time.

Our Story

Founded by food allergy parents and the global expert in food allergy prevention, to make it easy and enjoyable to follow new pediatric feeding recommendations for early allergen introduction.*

The Science

Led by Mission MightyMe co-founder Dr. Gideon Lack, the LEAP Study findings are clear. It is possible to prevent most peanut allergies, by starting peanut foods in infancy and consuming them regularly. *

The Product

Our science-backed snacks are developed in accordance with our co-founder's research, use only simple, all-natural ingredients, dissolve quickly for babies and taste delicious for big kids, too!


Introducing Peanuts

What is the magic window?

4 - 6 Months

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, most babies can start baby-safe peanut foods around 6 months. High-risk babies (with severe eczema or an existing allergy), should start even earlier (4-6 months), but only after evaluation by a physician and possible allergy testing.* Always talk to your pediatrician with any questions about whether your baby is ready for allergen introduction.

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Why MightyMe?

More than 50% Nuts

Pediatrician- developed

Clean Ingredients

No Cane Sugar



Plant Protein

Backed by Science

Our Mighty Founders
  • Catherine Jaxon

    Co-Founder & Co-CEO,
    Food Allergy Mom
  • J.J. Jaxon

    Co-Founder & Co-CEO,
    Food Allergy Dad
  • Dr. Gideon Lack

    Co-Founder, Scientific Advisor, Pediatric Allergist Bio
  • Todd Slotkin

    Co-Founder & Advisor,
    FARE Co-Founder

Our Mighty Mission is driven by the desire to support food allergy prevention research and education and to support food insecure families. To date, Mission MightyMe has donated nearly 20,000 puff pouches to research and to organizations around the country serving families and children in need.

What the Experts are Saying About Mission MightyMe

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