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When Is My Baby Ready For MightyMe Peanut Puffs?

Most babies should be introduced to peanut foods around 6 months of age, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the NIH. However, high risk babies (with severe eczema or egg allergy), should start peanut foods even earlier, between 4-6 months, after evaluation by a doctor. See the NIH Guidelines or talk with your pediatrician to determine whether your baby is ready to start peanut foods. Importantly, nuts and straight nut butters are a choking hazard and must never be given to a baby.
Once your baby is ready for peanut foods and ready for puffs (typically around 6 months), our Proactive Peanut Puffs are a perfect way to do it!




Click here to read the NIH Guidelines for Peanut Allergy Prevention