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Catherine's Picks: Alternative Easter Egg Fillers

Looking for non-candy options to fill Easter eggs with for the big hunt? We’ve got options for you!

Whether you are trying to go sugar-free for baby and toddler hunters, or just trying to stave off the chocolate for big kids, there are lots of alternative egg fillers that generate big smiles!


1. Dried Fruit

Small enough to fit in an egg, sweet enough to please littles!

2. Mission MightyMe Puffs

Mix and match flavors or hide different flavors in different eggs and have littles guess the flavor! We personally are going with the banana and strawberry peanut butter for some springtime flavors and colors!

3. Stickers or Temporary Tattoos

Fun finds that double as activities for later!

4. Goldfish

Whether you opt for the original or an alternative (like an Easter-appropriate Cheddar Bunny!), there’s no denying that the classic crackers are loved by kids of all ages!

5. Mini Legos

Spread a set throughout the eggs and have the hunters build something fun post-hunt!

6. Amara Yogurt Melts

Tip: Mix with MightyMe Puffs and dried fruit so some eggs have a fun Easter trail mix inside! Save 15% on your Amara order with code BASKET15. 

Shop Peanut Butter Puffs now to get them in time for the big hunt, and tag us in your Easter fun with #mightymoments or @missionmightyme! We love to see your littles.