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10 New Mom Essentials You'll Want, But Didn't Know You Needed (trust us!)

It’s National Bump Day and we're celebrating by giving you a "New Mom Essentials" guide from our team of mamas! Here are a few must-have items  for the mighty mom-to-be. Tell us some of your favorite items in the comments section below!


Nose Frida Nasal Aspirator

  1. Nose Frida Nasal Aspirator (Linked Here)
    We know you probably never imagined you would adore a snot-sucking tool for your newborn. We are here to tell you it is a game-changer, mama! A baby with a stuffed nose doesn't sleep or eat well and this magic tool just might buy you a few extra hours of sleep! 

    Solly Baby Wrap

  2. Solly Baby Wrap (Linked Here) We are huge fans of babywearing here at MightyMe! There are so many wonderful ways to wear your little one. Babywearing allows your infant to sleep on your chest, decreases the amount of crying in your baby, and just makes life as a new mom a bit more simple by being hands-free.

    Sound Machine
  1. Sound Machine (Linked Here)
    Yes and yes. A sound machine is so helpful when getting your baby to sleep and can even be soothing for parents. Insider's Tip: Get a portable sound machine you can put on baby's carseat so they can fall asleep on long walks and car rides! *It's not recommended that baby sleeps in the carseat at night

    Ollie Baby Sleep Swaddle
  1. Ollie Baby Sleep Swaddle (Linked Here)
    Swaddling your baby is so simple with the Ollie Sleep Swaddle! You can sleep soundly (or as soundly as a new mom!) knowing the swaddle blanket won't come undone or baby will somehow get an arm out! 

MightyMe Peanut Puffs
  1. MightyMe Peanut Puffs (Linked Here
    Our MightyMe Peanut Puffs are a yummy, nutritious snack for mama and baby! Your little one will likely start solids around 4-6 months of age and we recommend softening puffs with breastmilk, water or formula for their first try!

Lalabu Dad Shirt
  1. Lalabu Dad Shirt (Linked Here)
    This Dad Shirt has a pouch for your little one and can give dad and baby some precious bonding time (plus, free your hands for a bit!) It is such a cute, fun product that you'll make priceless memories in.

The Minimalist Baby Book by Tokki Goods
  1. The Minimalist Baby Book by Tokki Goods (Linked Here)
    Document all the memories of the time with your little one in this gorgeous book! Made by a mama, this product is so thoughtful and intentional. It is also beautifully designed so makes for great table or bookshelf decor.

Esembly Baby Cloth Diapers
  1. Esembly Baby Cloth Diapers (Linked Here)
    The cutest cloth diapers we've ever laid eyes on! Cloth diapering is not for the faint of heart, but if you go that route, these would be our go-to choice! It's quite the savings when you cloth diaper, too! 

Tubby Todd All Over Ointment
  1. Tubby Todd All Over Ointment (Linked Here)
    This is our go-to balm for kiddos (and even mama)! Made with plant-based ingredients and perfect for sensitive skin types we recommend keeping your bathroom stocked with this all-over ointment!

    Gripe Water
  2. Gripe Water (Linked Here)
    Never heard of Gripe Water? We hadn't either until becoming parents! T
    he ingredients in gripe water formulas, including dill, fennel and ginger, can help relieve gas and stomach discomfort and is a great all-natural option to help ease your little one's tummy!