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10 Back-To-School Affirmations For Your Little Ones

Help your little ones start the school day feeling mighty (and calm those back-to-school jitters!) with these 10 affirmations —


1. I am helpful and kind

2. Today is going to be a good day

3. I believe in myself

4. I am excited to learn something new

5. I like my friends, and I am ready to make new friends, too

6. I am brave

7. I can make a difference

8. I can try again

9. I am a great kid

10. I am loved


Practice saying the affirmations above with your kiddos in the morning or evening. If your little one is reading, you can even put a little note each day in their lunchbox with one affirmation a day! 

We hope you have a mighty start heading back to school and remember to be kind to yourself every step of the way, mama. You are doing a great job!