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Yummy, quick and easy toddler-approved meals

When it comes to meal planning and grocery runs, you’ve got enough on your plate (no pun intended) – so let us help make life a little easier. We’ve compiled a quick list of our fave go-to ideas for little ones that check alllll of the boxes: toddler-approved, simple, tasty and nutritious. Ready to get inspired?

#1: Muffin Tin Snack Smorgasboard 

Use muffin tins for a fun “snacky-snack” lunch with lots of fun colors and textures. Little ones will think it’s more exciting than their usual plate – and it’s a great way to get toddlers interested in new foods! The possibilities are endless, but we love Yummy Toddler Food’s well-balanced mix of orange slices, strawberries, eggs, cereal, peas and puffs

snack tray for kids

#2: PB&J French Toast

Eat the Rainbow Kids is rocking our world with a genius PB&J french toast, paired with puffs and fruit. We’re predicting a cute Sunday morning family breakfast tradition that your kiddos will love!


French Toast Ingredients:



  1. Combine the milk, egg, strawberries, and jam into a mixing bowl, then puree with an immersion stick blender (or a regular blender!). 
  2. Pour the egg mixture into a shallow bowl or dish. 
  3. Dip and cover a slice of brioche bread into the egg mixture making sure that it is completely covered/submerged. Then, flip. 
  4. Sprinkle on the crushed peanut puffs in a thin layer, then carefully transfer the wet piece of bread over to a sprayed pan on the stovetop, placing the puff side down. 
  5. Cook over medium heat for about 3-4 min on the first side. 
  6. Sprinkle more crushed peanut puffs on the top, then flip to cook the second side. 
  7. Repeat for each piece of bread. You want the sides to be golden brown / crispy, but not burnt. 
  8. Cut into strips. Enjoy!
french toast for kids

#3: Tan Food Can Be Fun

Those (tasty!) beige foods need love sometimes, too! We love Eat the Rainbow Kids’ take on this theme, loading up a plate with:

  • Fried rice with cauliflower, brown rice, mushrooms, water chestnuts and coconut aminos
  • Crinkle cut canned pears (easier for little hands to hold!)
  • Chopped turkey
  • Quartered grape tomatoes
  • Peanut Puffs and Nut Butter Puffs
carbs for kids

#4: Breakfast for Dinner

Scrambled eggs are full of protein – and it’s easy to keep it fresh with different mix-ins (think: tomatoes, avocado spread, sausage, cheese, etc). Serve eggs with a fruit, veggie and puffs…ta-da! Check out more hearty snack + meal ideas here from My Little Food Critic.

breakfast for dinner kids

 #5: Classic, No-Frills PB&J

There’s a reason it’s been a classic for decades! If you’re in a time crunch, a PB&J gets the job done right – every time. Add our Nut Butter Puffs and fresh fruit to round it out. Check out more vegetarian lunch ideas here from Feeding Tiny Bellies.

peanut butter and jelly



Research by our co-founder Dr. Gideon Lack found that feeding peanut-containing foods to infants – and keeping in the diet regularly through toddlerhood – helped prevent peanut allergies from developing by more than 80%. Now, leading organizations around the globe say introduce common allergens, including nuts, early and often. Our peanut and nut butter puffs make it easy!