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New Year, New Look … Same Mighty Mission

We have some fun news to share with our incredible MightyMe family! As we approach the fourth anniversary of our very first product launch, MightyMe is getting a new look. We’re so excited to unveil our new packaging and new product name - NUTTY PUFFS!

You’ll start to see our new packaging in your shipments soon and we hope you love it as much as we do. But rest assured, the puffs inside are the same delicious nut butter puffs you’ve come to love! Since we’re committed to minimizing packaging waste, you may also receive shipments with a mix of both old and new packaging for a bit, but the product inside hasn’t changed!

As parents, we all want to give our children the healthiest start in life, which is exactly why we embarked on this mission to end the food allergy epidemic and help all children reach their mighty potential. Whether you love MightyMe because it helps you follow food allergy prevention guidelines, or just because it’s a healthier snack, we are committed to our shared mission more than ever. And we hope your little ones see themselves in our new logo icon, featuring a super kiddo, on a mighty mission, shooting for the stars. 

From the very beginning, all of our products have been Non-GMO, but we’ve gone through the independent Non-GMO certification of Project Verified Non-GMO, which we display on front-of-pack. And importantly, all four flavors display the Clean Label Project Purity Award - a certification only given to products that have undergone independent testing for more than 200 different contaminants, including heavy metals, and are found to be among the cleanest in the industry. 

You’ll also notice that our ingredients are now front and center to clearly communicate the nuts included in each pouch, which have been intentionally crafted with protein amounts that match the research. Our Mixed Nut Butter NUTTY PUFFS are the first and only baby-friendly puffs to contain peanuts and multiple tree nuts (almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts) in sufficient quantities, making it simple for parents to include a wide variety of nuts in their children’s diets early and often. Real fruit on the front of our Organic Peanut Butter Strawberry and Organic Peanut Butter Banana NUTTY PUFFS signals that they’re the only quick-dissolve puffs made with peanut butter and real fruit  – no “natural” flavors, no artificial flavors, no palm oil and no added sugar. 

In addition to showing the ingredients more clearly, many of you have asked exactly how much nut protein is included in each pouch, so we’ve spelled that out very clearly on the front and back of pack.

Each pouch of Organic Peanut Butter NUTTY PUFFS contains 7 grams peanut protein (as much protein as in 23 peanuts), so just one pouch per week meets the American Academy of Pediatrics’ weekly recommended intake for high-risk babies.*

Each of our Mixed Nut Butter NUTTY PUFFS pouches contains 5 grams nut protein in equal parts from peanuts, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds (1 gram protein per nut). So two pouches per week delivers 10 grams of nut protein or 2 grams of protein from each nut. This was an R&D feat we are super proud of, especially since they also taste delicious! 

We also give credit where credit is due to our incredible co-founder, Dr. Gideon Lack, whose groundbreaking research changed feeding guidelines around the globe to encourage early and regular consumption of peanut foods. We hope our NUTTY PUFFS make that easy and enjoyable for you as a parent - and help you on your mission to give your children the healthiest future. 

Thank you for letting us be a part of your feeding journey. We are honored to be fueling your little one's adventures today, so they can shoot for the stars tomorrow.

Stay Mighty,

Catherine & JJ 

*FDA HEALTH CLAIM: For babies with an increased risk of peanut allergy (babies with severe eczema, egg allergy or both), introducing age-appropriate, peanut-containing foods as early as 4 months may reduce the risk of developing a peanut allergy. Caregivers should check with the baby’s healthcare provider before feeding the baby peanut-containing foods.