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Go Nuts, Baby!

At Mission MightyMe HQ, we’re NUTS about nuts! Here’s why you should be too.

Not only are nuts nutrient-dense superfoods, but research shows feeding peanut-containing foods to babies regularly, starting in the first year of life and through toddlerhood, can help prevent peanut allergies from developing by nearly 90%.* So we thought: how amazing would it be to turn peanuts and tree nuts into delicious, quick-dissolve puffs that help parents include nuts in their diets and actually do something good for them? 

“Our oldest daughter is severely allergic to nuts after we followed the old guidelines to avoid them in infancy,” said Catherine Jaxon, co-founder of Mission MightyMe. “When our third child started solids, we decided to follow the new research and recommendations to introduce nuts early and hopefully avoid another food allergy in our family. It worked but was a huge challenge, because nuts and nut butters are a choking hazard, and the baby food industry is almost entirely allergen-free. We knew there had to be a better way for busy parents to follow the science and reap all of the powerful benefits of nuts for growing bodies.” 

Mission MightyMe Co Founder Catherine Jaxon

That’s how Mission MightyMe was born. Our puffs with purpose pull double duty: making early nut introduction as easy and enjoyable as it should be to help prevent peanut allergies from developing, while also providing parents with a science-backed snack solution they can feel good about serving up to babies, big kids and beyond. MightyMe puffs are made with more than 50% nuts – which means they pack 3x the amount of protein compared to most baby puffs! – and they contain simple, organic, non-GMO ingredients.

Here are just some of the other benefits of nuts….

Health Benefits of Nuts for Kids

Now, let’s take a closer look at the “who” and the “why” behind the latest food allergy prevention  guidelines. Our puffs are formulated by Dr. Gideon Lack, the doctor who led the LEAP Study, which found that most peanut allergies could be prevented by in­cluding peanut protein in babies’ diets often, starting early in the first year of life. The revolutionary findings rocked the food allergy world and ultimately led to changes in infant feeding guidelines around the globe (subsequent studies, including Dr. Lack’s EAT Study, have shown this proactive approach may  work for other foods as well).

Nut Allergies have tripled in the last two decades

“The trial confirmed the hypothesis that early introduction of peanuts would prevent peanut allergy, and that the previous avoidance strategy adopted in many countries was incorrect and possibly contributing to the problem,” said Dr. Lack, Head of the Department of Pediatric Allergy, Kings College, London. “Based on the new research, the avoidance guidelines have changed in many countries to encourage early peanut introduction. That has fueled a need for products that make early introduction easy, like Mission MightyMe. I hope this change will lead to a significant reduction in the rate of peanut allergies and save many children from the burden of living with a food allergy.”

Dr. Lack advises on all our product research and development. And we developed our puffs to ensure the nut protein matches the levels used in his research exactly. Here’s the breakdown of nut protein levels in our pouches:

  • One pouch of MightyMe Peanut Butter Puffs per week meets the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommended 6 grams peanut protein weekly for high-risk infants.* One pouch is equivalent to 35  peanuts, or 3.5 teaspoons, of peanut butter.
  • Two pouches of MightyMe Nut Butter Puffs weekly = 10 grams nut protein (2 gram per nut)

You likely know by now that “early, often and ongoing” are the words to remember when it comes to peanut introduction and consistent inclusion in little diets. Don’t stress or get too hung up on *exact* amounts, but do know that when comparing different options, research shows that protein amount does matter when it comes to exposure.

“As a mom to a daughter with food allergies, I’m passionate about helping other families prevent them,” said Jaxon. “Our mission led us to create the only peanut puff formulated based on the LEAP Study findings, by the very pediatric allergist who led the research,” said Jaxon. 

Our Proactive Nut Butter Puff is the first and only baby-friendly puff to include a wide variety of nuts in sufficient quantities (almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, peanuts and walnuts) in one yummy, convenient, quick-dissolve snack. Packing five nuts in one puff was no easy feat, and we spent more than three years on research and development to perfect this product – that’s why it’s carefully and intentionally crafted with equal amounts of protein from each nut. And we’re just as proud of what’s not in our products as what is: you won’t find cane sugar, cane syrup, palm oil, corn, preservatives or anything artificial, ever.


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*FDA HEALTH CLAIM: For babies with an increased risk of peanut allergy (babies with severe eczema, egg allergy or both), introducing age-appropriate, peanut-containing foods as early as 4 months may reduce the risk of developing a peanut allergy. Caregivers should check with the baby’s healthcare provider before feeding the baby peanut-containing foods. 

Mission MightyMe products must be avoided by anyone who has a known or suspected allergy to any of the ingredients. If you have any questions about what you’re feeding your baby, consult your pediatrician.