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Free Earth Day Activity! ☀️🌿

Hi friend,

How are you doing? We know these quarantine days can feel so very long and thought we would share some of the ideas we've learned from other families on how to pass the time! So, whether it's going on a nature walk or watching ALL the Disney movies, we are right here with you.

We've been having the best time going on what we call "nature walks" around our neighborhood, even if some days we only cross off two items on the list! Today just happens to be Earth Day (yay!) so we put together a very simple, low maintenance Nature Walk printable for you to download for free from our blog. We hope you enjoy this time with your little ones!⁠

(P.S. Insider's tip: Bring a bag of MightyMe Puffs on your walk for those inevitable on-the-go meltdown moments...can you tell we've been there?)

Stay Mighty,

Catherine & JJ

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