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Catherine's Picks: Flavor Exposure Snacks

As parents and caregivers, we are hyper-aware of our babies developing the dreaded "picky eating" complex after starting solids. If early adventurous eating with your littles is a top priority, check out a few fun brands helping with flavor exposure in our favorite food form—snacks! 

1. Fresh Bellies 

Bold ingredients "train" little palates to crave savory flavors like thyme, roasted red pepper and cardamom. 

Ages: 1 year+

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2. Mission MightyMe Nut Butter Puffs

5 nuts, 1 puff. A tasty snack that packs the power of almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews and walnuts into a fun and functional puff. 

Ages: 4 months+ 

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Mission MightyMe Puffs

3. Yumi

Clean ingredients, big taste! Yumi has fantastic flavors like cauliflower, butternut squash, and rosemary & beet. Perfect for little ones who love to snack! 

Ages: 6 months+ 

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Yumi Snacks

4. Lesser Evil Lil' Puffs, Veggie Blend

Made with 7 organic vegetables tossed in organic coconut oil, these crunchy puffs put a delish spin on veggie blend.

Ages: 1 year+ 

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Lesser Evil Veggie puffs

5. Harvest Snaps Organic Calbee Lightly Salted Snapeas

Perfect for toddler hands, these salty, crispy pea snaps help get greens into babies' bellies while packing some serious plant-based protein. 

Ages: 1 year+ 

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Harvest Snaps

6. Cerebelly Purees

Crunchy carrots, nutty chickpeas, and a burst of ginger help activate baby’s curiosity for enticing new flavors, serving double duty by also squeezing 16 supporting brain nutrients into their diet! 

Ages: 4 months

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Cerebelly Carrot and Ginger

Mission MightyMe Puffs