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Catherine's Picks: Clean Products for Moms & Babies

By Catherine Jaxon

As parents to three little ones (one with food allergies), we launched Mission MightyMe with one very-specific purpose: To give parents trusted options for healthy snacking and food allergy prevention, that also delivered on taste, quality and nutrition. We weren't happy with the ingredients in the few products that existed, so we partnered with the leading food pediatrician to develop science-based foods made with the purest ingredients we could find.

Thanks to our rigorous commitment to safety, we’re proud to say that EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of our products has been awarded the Clean Label Project Purity Award. The Clean Label Project conducts independent, third-party testing for more than 200 different contaminants including heavy metals, chemicals, plastics, pesticides and other toxins; and they concluded that Mission MightyMe meets the highest standards in the industry. Be sure to check out the Clean Label Project to search for certified products (and note that just because a brand is CLP certified, it doesn't mean ALL products from that brand are certified, so it's best to check by product).🥜

Not sure where to begin? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite, fellow Clean Label Project Purity Award-winning baby products. In the absence of federal law, these brands are already voluntarily and proactively thinking about heavy metals, pesticides and plasticizers when it comes to ingredient sourcing to help protect our family and yours.

Here are 5 Star Favorites:

All of these products have been given the Clean Label Purity Award.

1. Dapple Baby: Made with plant-based ingredients- Made without phthalates, parabens, SLS, SLES and dyes

2. Nuffy PuffsNutty puffs are made with organic, non-GMO ingredients
from carefully sourced farms and undergo rigorous heavy metal testing. They are also gluten-free, vegan and kosher.

3. BobbieOriginal USDA & EU Organic Certified recipe with no soy allergens or added palm oil.

4. CerebellyUnites neuroscience, nutrition, and organic, farm-fresh food.

5. Once Upon A FarmOnce Upon a Farm works closely with trusted organic farms to source only the best for your little ones.