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Parents and a Doctor
on a Mission

Our founders are food allergy parents and world-renowned pediatric allergist Dr. Gideon Lack, whose groundbreaking clinical trials (LEAP and EAT) have changed pediatric guidelines around the globe to recommend early allergen introduction in infancy.*

Based on the LEAP Study, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends starting peanut foods in infancy, depending on risk factors, to help prevent peanut allergies from developing. Talk to your pediatrician if you have any questions about early allergen introduction.*


Questions About Introducing
Potential Allergens?

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    The Science

    Led by Mission MightyMe co-founder Dr. Gideon Lack, the LEAP Study findings are clear. It is possible to prevent most peanut allergies, by starting peanut foods in infancy and consuming them regularly.*

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    Our Story

    Founded by food allergy parents and the global expert in food allergy prevention, to make it easy and enjoyable to follow new pediatric feeding recommendations for early allergen introduction.*

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    The Product

    Our Puffs with Purpose empower parents with tasty, fun and functional snacks that make it safe, simple and stress-free to include nuts and other common food allergens in their little one’s diets.*


    Mighty Moms Agree, Puffs Make It Stress-Free

    Our co-founder’s research featured in:

    “These peanut snacks for kids are a
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